SRH VR 360° Classroom Videos


For our VR/AR specific project, we created 6 360° VR-videos presented at the annual CORE & ELAW Conference in Heidelberg.

My contribution

  • Actor
  • Recording with the Ricoh Theta S
  • Voiceover Recording in the recording studio
  • Audio adjustment
  • Video stitching and conversion
  • Workflow creation
  • Video editing & audio synchronization
  • Template and icon creation

Project details

  • 4 months of script-writing, planning, filming and editing
  • 6 videos
  • Used programs:
  • After Effects, Photoshop, Skybox Mettle Studio
  • Created by the VR/AR class of 2019
  • Rewarded with an A+ (Best german grade 1.0)
  • Nominated for Best Showcase of Best Future Campus Classroom Award on Zeit Campus

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