Agents & Wardens

A 1v1 Multiplayer Hide and Seek game

Agents & Wardens is a 1v1 Hide and Seek game. One player takes on the role of a high security building warden and is required to protect certain items using controllable guards. This player sees the play area as an interactive map from above. He can place the guards at any position or have some areas controlled automatically. The second player plays the game in first-person view. He has to enter the building and steal the guarded items.

If the second player (the agent) has successfully located the documents, he must also find a key to escape from the building again. The agent can be detected by the patrolling guards in several ways. The agent runs into a puddle of water and leaves visible footprints on the ground for a certain period of time, the agent runs too close to a guard and the guard hears footsteps, or the warden has direct line of sight to the agent and chases him. If a guard gets too close, the agent is tased and loses the game.

The warden can also place traps that the agent can run into. If one of these traps is triggered, a loud alarm is triggered and a red crosshair appears at the location where the agent was detected. With this information the warden can then send guards to the position and surround the agent.

Gameplay Video: