dev1ce is a stealth inspired hacking game. The Player (a virus) has to infect other electronic devices in the house. This is possible since almost every electronic household device is connected to the internet. Your goal is to evade all humans (highlighted orange) and get to the router to spread yourself into the entire house and internet. If you get caught you lose. If the battery runs out of juice, you lose.

This game was created during the Global Game Jam 2018 in just 48 Hours! You can visit our page here:


dev1ce source from GGJ-Server:

My contribution

  • Concept (transmission -> virus -> computer-virus -> hacking, Only white texture style)
  • Level Design (House, Scaling)
  • Lightning / White Shading


  • Developed using Unity3D 2017.2.1f1
  • GameJam Competition
  • Theme: Transmission
  • Time restriction: 48h!