Agent is a third-person stealth shooter inspired by the famous video game series Hitman. Sneak past the guards to remain undetected and eliminate all targets. If you are detected, guards or civilians will sound the alarm or call for reinforcement.

Each level has a timer to record how long it took you to complete the level. The level times are tracked and can be used as a high score ranking or as an incentive to try again and get better. The faster and quieter you are, i.e. killing the least amount of non-targets, the more points you get.

My contribution

  • Modifying and embedding animations to create a takedown animation on both player and AI
  • Level Design
  • Sound Design
  • Character-Controller modifications
  • UI
  • Lightmapping
  • Performance optimization


  • Currently developing using Unity3D 2019.2.2f1
  • Featuring: Smart AI